How to translate Instagram comments to your language easily

Yesterday we explained how you can translate WhatsApp messages to any other language in a simple way thanks to the Google translator. However, it will also be possible to translate Instagram messages into your language very easily. In fact, it will be much easier than with WhatsApp.

In-app translation

And is that Instagram has announced that one of the novelties that will reach the application is precisely the in-app translation. That is, within the application itself the messages written under the images will be translated. They say, and it is true, that a picture is worth a thousand words. But even within the world of photography it has become a trend to accompany any image of a phrase, text, or saying that adds more value to the photograph itself. Of course, if this phrase is not in our language, or if all other comments are in a language we do not know, we cannot understand the message. However, now buy real comments on instagram, as it happened before with Facebook, will be able to recognize if that language is not the one we have configured as the main application and translate the messages directly.

This novelty will progressively reach all users in the coming months. There are already users who have such functionality active, and it is compatible only with some of the languages ​​that it is able to recognize automatically. All you have to do is click on the Translation button.

This novelty was very important, because it is not possible to copy the messages from the mobile that are left on Instagram, so we could not resort to the trick we mentioned yesterday with WhatsApp and with the Google Translator to be able to translate Instagram messages. Hopefully it will be available to all users soon.

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